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In this article I will be looking at a recent problem with the Petlog Microchip database and what it could mean for pet owners. Essentially due to a problem migrating their database, they are asking that all existing owners pre March 2021 create a new account on their website.

Problems With Petlog Database

Petlog claim that the database migration problem does not cause an issue with reunification services. However it’s hard to know the true extent of the problem and there seem to be some examples that would seem to contradict what Petlog is saying.

The Petlog database contains the details of over 9 million microchipped pets. If your own microchip paperwork seems to have a different branding I would still urge you to check that the details are correct. Perhaps even go further and next time you visit the vet, ask them to confirm if they can check their systems to ensure the microchip number brings up your contact details. The microchip for our Border Collie Archie is shown as being by Tracer Advance but I believe this to be the manufacturer of the microchip rather than the company that holds the database. Indeed, it turns out our microchip is indeed stored on the Petlog database. Until we created a new account we could not see Archie as being linked to our account.

There are some reports online that are concerning. One man claims that when he logged in to the Petlog database he was presented with the personal details of a completely different person and pet who just happened to have the same name as him. At the very least this presents a breach of data protection regulations. The way the problem has been dealt with has left many pet owners angry. For most the issue only came to light after it was shared widely on social media. Petlog themselves don’t seem to have made efforts to contact customers by email to ask them to create a new account on their website. For complete peace on mind, many owners would want to be able to check that the microchip is indeed linked to their contact details. Since news of the problem first surfaced, it appears owners have been contacting the Petlog phone lines in huge numbers. They claim this increase in enquiries is impacting their ability to deal with reunification cases. It’s hard to know the true extent of the problem, but at the very minimum it’s a PR disaster for Petlog which is managed by the UK Kennel Club. It comes at a time when pet thefts are on the increase.

Petlog Premium

Even when the database is working perfectly there are instances where a pet can’t be matched to the correct owner. This might be because the owner has moved and failed to update their details on the database. It could also happen when a pet changes owner and the new owner fails to register their details with the database. For the basic Petlog account a fee is charged each time there is a change to the stored contact details. For this reason Petlog Premium often makes more sense. For a one off fee of £17.00 the contact details associated with a chip can be changed as often as needed for the life of the pet.

Create Account Now!

If you have not already done so, pet owners are urged to register again on the Petlog website. The process was fairly easy to follow and once complete you should see that your pets are linked to your account.

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