About Us

Welcome to our website. Pets A2B was started in 2020 by Gary Box. Gary and Iain offered pet transport services across the UK. Iain retired in March 2022 and Gary then sold Pets A2B to Hannah Dobbs who continues to offer pet transport within the UK. Through a partner company called Pet Transport Services we are also now also able to offer international pet transport services.  

The Pets A2B Story

Gary and Iain first met back at the end of 2017. Gary was running Northampton Dog Walker and Iain was thinking of starting a dog walking business in Bedford. Gary built a website for Iain and they stayed in touch. 

In March 2020 the UK entered lockdown due to Covid19. Both Gary and Iain naturally noticed the demand for dog walking and pet sitting dropped alarmingly. It was at this time that the idea of focusing on pet transport started. 

Noticing a healthy demand for pet transport, Gary obtained his Type 1 Animal Transport Licence from DEFRA and began to optimise his Northampton Dog Walker website for pet transport search terms. 

Things went very well and in just two months requests were coming in from members of the public, dog charities and dog breeders. In July 2020 Gary and Iain both decided to focus more on pet transport and we agreed we should start a new business name clearly aimed at pet transport. Gary purchased the PetsA2B domain name and Iain applied for his Type 1 Animal Transport Licence. 

Later in 2020 Iain obtained his Type 2 from DEFRA which means we were able to offer road transport journeys in excess of 8 hours.

Iain retired in March 2022 and Gary then sold the business to Hannah Dobbs in August 2022. Hannah comes from a family of pet transporters. The company is DEFRA Type 2 licensed, offering pet transport throughout the UK. Through another family business, Pet Transport Services, we are now also able to quote for international pet transport enquiries.

Meet The Team

Hannah Dobbs

Hannah Dobbs

Hannah is from a family who are already very involved with pet transport. Both Father and Mother work for family business Pet Transport Services, often transporting pets between the EU and the UK. She also has an uncle based in Spain who works within pet transport.

Hannah took over PetsA2B in August 2022 and plans to continue to offer pet transport within the UK to a wide range of customers. European pet transport enquiries are welcome and can be handled by the other family members.

Besides a love for animals, Hannah’s other hobbies and interests include ……