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Here at PetsA2B we get asked about our cat transport services all the time. Typical requests tend to be to collect kittens from breeders or to assist with adult cat transport when an owner is moving house. In this blog post I want to discuss our cat transport service in more detail and answer the sorts of questions we are sometimes asked.

Cat Transport – Cat Carriers (Hard or Soft)

Typically when transporting a cat we would use a cat carrier, like the type most owners use when taking their cat to the vet. Whilst we do own a soft cat carrier we find the hard shell cat carriers work the best. We have a few different sizes to suit the needs of different cats.

The cat carriers are lined with Vetbed cat bedding and sometimes we will ask a favourite toy or blanket from home with familiar smell to make the journey less stressful. With kittens in particular it’s common for the breeder to give the new owner a blanket with the mother’s smell.

Cat Travel – Reducing Stress

Besides the favourite toy or blanket from home, there are a number of other things that can be done to reduce the chances of your cat being stressed during the journey. Some ideas include:

  • Calming sprays. Both Iain and Gary carry a calming spray in our vehicles. Rather than use Feliway which is chemical based we use a herbal based product containing Valerian. The main benefit is that this product can be used on both cats and dogs. If owners request it, we would normally spray a little in the cat carrier 15-20 minutes before arriving to collect the cat.
  • Covering the pet carrier with a dark but breathable fabric can sometimes help the cat feel more relaxed. Again we carry coverings for carriers just for this reason.
  • Traffic in the UK can be horrible at times but it’s important as the driver not to get stressed as animals will pick up on human’s stress.
  • When playing music in the vehicle it’s a good idea to pick something calming or relaxing. Gary generally likes easy listening music when driving and Iain tends to enjoy listening to audiobooks on the move. The background noise of someone narrating a book seems to be quite relaxing for pets and cats in particular we’ve found.
  • Maintain a comfortable temperature in the vehicle. It’s important that the vehicle has air conditioning that allows the cabin to be a comfortable temperature. We generally prefer to use car based MPV vehicles with seats removed compared to vans with a bulkhead. In my experience many pets don’t like travelling in a van, especially one without windows where it goes black when the rear door is closed.
  • Depending on length of journey, plan stops so the cat can take a toilet break. How often to stop is based on discussions with the owner and what’s in the best interest of the cat. Some cats hate going in a cat carrier and you might want to reduce the number of times you have to put them in and take them out again.
  • Think about whether to feed your cat before a long journey. Cats can often become sick and it’s often advised not to feed them just prior to travel. This can vary from cat to cat but is something to consider if you know your cat doesn’t travel well.

Cat Transport FAQ

Are you licenced to transport cats?

Yes both Gary and Iain hold an animal transport licence issued by DEFRA.

What sort of vehicle will my cat be transported in?

We use car based MPV vehicles only, often with the rear seats removed. We find many pets do not like being transported in vans. A regular car with windows also allows us to check on your cat and keep the temperature within the vehicle at a comfortable level. All our vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained according to manufacturer’s guidelines.

Can I track the progress of my cat’s journey?

Yes as well as giving email or text updates regarding estimated time of arrival, we also share our location on Google maps so you can track the journey.

If you require a cat transport service why not contact us for a quote or complete the quote form on our home page.

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