TransK9 Dog Crate

TransK9 Dog Crate

TransK9 Dog Crate

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Value for money


TransK9 dog crates are a solid choice for dog professionals. They are long lasting, well made with good features. Strong used values attest to their quality. Highly recommended.


TransK9 Dog Crate – My B4 Cage

When I first became a dog walker back in early 2017 I knew I wanted a professional dog cage system. TransK9 dog crates were one of the two companies I was looking at. The other was Lintran. In the end I purchased a custom made Lintran cage. My decision was mostly because they were geographically closer to me rather than any preference for one brand over the other.

When I decided to buy a second vehicle the Lintran cage was moved to the new vehicle and the rear seats were put back into my Citroen Berlingo. I wanted another smaller dog cage for the space in the Berlingo’s boot. It would be used for holidays away with our dog Archie or times when I only had one small or medium sized dog to transport.

According to the TransK9 website they recommend their B4 cage for a Citroen Berlingo. I happened to find a used one for £350.00 and purchased it. After two months of use I thought I would give my thoughts on their products.


I can’t be sure about the age of my particular crate but it was previously owned by someone with a number of dogs. I get the impression it’s seen plenty of use but it seems well cared for and in excellent condition.

The cage has two doors with locks top and bottom. Many used models state that the key has been lost but my one has a working key. The TransK9 website states that they can supply replacement keys if you know the keys original number. By this I assume they mean the number that is etched both on the keys and the lock barrels.

My TransK9 dog crate also has the original internal mat. The B4 model also has a raised top with another mat which is an ideal storage area for things like dog leads, treats or any other little items you might need. The image below shows an elevated view where you can clearly see the top of the cage.

TransK9 B4 Top View
TransK9 Dog Crate B4 Top View

This particular model features a divider which I generally leave out since I’ve only ever used this cage for one dog at a time. The divider attaches to the front and rear of the cage and takes a little time to fit. The type of divider on my Lintran cage for example is a simpler, quicker design but a TransK9 vs Lintran blog post will have to wait for another day.

The rear of the cage has a couple of escape hatches fitted. In the event that you are involved in an accident that prevents you from opening the vehicle rear door you are able to get to your dog using these escape hatches.


Even though I’ve only owned this crate for 2 months, I am the second owner to my knowledge. Even in the short time I’ve owned it I’ve been impressed by how well made it is and I’m confident it will last a long time. There is still a slight stiffness to the lock barrels which I like as it means there is no play and therefore no rattles! This seems to be a quality product, built with an attention to detail that will mean it will last years.

I will report back on this post after a few years but I’m already confident my positive review won’t change.


TransK9 sell a small range of accessories for their products. As already mentioned you can order spare keys, or indeed new lock barrels and keys. Other accessories include:

  • Bumper Protection Mat – I don’t yet have one for my cage but do plan to get one soon.
  • Spare / replacement internal mat
  • Airflow fan which attaches to outside of crate. I find the air conditioning in my vehicle keeps the cage cool and I never have a reason to leave a dog in a car unattended. The Berlingo does have a spare 12v connection in the boot which would be ideal for a fan.
  • Anchorage straps to help keep the cage secure in transit.
  • Vet bedding to line your cage.
  • TransK9 branded travel water bowl.

Even though I don’t plan on buying all these accessories it’s good to know that the company will support previous customers with spares and accessories.

TransK9 Dog Crates – Summary

Quality dog cages like these do not come cheap. The B4 model I own costs £570.00 excluding shipping. I purchased my used model for £350.00 so you can see that they hold their value well. Anyone considering such a cage should see it as a long term investment, especially if you run a dog related business. It will outlast a cheap cage many times over. I hope I never have to use the escape hatch but it’s reassuring that TransK9 think about features like these.

I have no hesitation in recommending TransK9 dog crates. The lack of any rattles alone makes them worth the money for me.

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