Colloidal Silver For Dogs

Colloidal Silver For Dogs

In this article I wanted to look at some of the health benefits of using Colloidal Silver for dogs. We use it from time to time for our Border Collie Archie and we would recommend it.

What Is It?

Colloidal Silver products that are purchased for use with pets generally come in either a spray bottle or a dropper. Tiny silver particles are suspended in a pure distilled water and used as a treatment for their the anti viral, anti fungal properties. When using the spray bottle it can be applied directly to the wound or infection. Many people also add Colloidal Silver to the dog’s water or food. Colloidal Silver is essentially a natural antibiotic. In pets it’s generally used for the following health problems:

  • Inflammation
  • Wounds
  • Burns
  • Ringworm
  • Yeast infections
  • Skin allergies
  • Immune system booster

Many websites claim there is little or no scientific studies to show the benefits of Colloidal Silver. Indeed many will say how the product is ‘peddled’. Some also say the product is popular in ‘holistic circles’ which is often a way the scientific community will talk when wishing to criticise. I’m not saying you should use Colloidal Silver instead of a product recommended by your vet. However there are a number of products which are considered ‘holistic’ which we have used and seem good results with. In the case of Colloidal Silver there are just too many very positive reviews for it to be ignored completely.

In this article I will mention the ways in which we have used it and the results we have seen. I would urge you to do your own research, read reviews and reports and come to your own conclusion.

Colloidal Silver For Dogs Paws

One popular use for Colloidal Silver is as a topical wound dressing. Our Border Collie recently had a problem with one of his paws. He would not stop licking it. It was hot to the touch and had changed colour. It might have been a hot spot, yeast infection or ringworm but only one paw was affected. After a number of days of bathing it after walks in salt water it wasn’t getting any better. We could have gone to the vet who would most likely prescribe antibiotics. During these Coronavirus times it’s not always been easy to get appointments. Often the pet’s owners have to wait outside the building which isn’t practical if your dog is very anxious at the vet, like our Archie is.

Once we started to spray Colloidal Silver directly to the paw we noticed an almost immediate improvement. Within a couple of days the paw had completely healed.

Colloidal Silver For Dogs Teeth

Colloidal Silver can also be used orally on dogs. It’s virtually tasteless and odourless which means dogs are more likely to tolerate you using it. It can help kill bacteria in the mouth and helps keep teeth and gums clean. It can also help with inflamed gums and soften tartar, making it easier to remove.

We sometimes spray Colloidal Silver onto a toothbrush and clean our dog’s teeth. I appreciate though that many dogs don’t like owners brushing their teeth. We have found the more you persist and make it part of their routine, the easier it gets. Once you have got on top of any mouth infection, many owners will routinely add a drop or two of Colloidal Silver to pets’ water bowls.

Where to buy it

We use two different Colloidal Silver sprays, purchased from the same company. One is Active Silver Hydrosol and the other is True Amber Colloidal Silver. The products can be purchased from the following website:

UK Colloidal Silver

The above is by no means the only good supplier of Colloidal Silver but we have been happy with their products. The quality does vary between manufacturers so I would urge you to research thoroughly and look at user reviews before deciding on who to buy from.

Share Your Experiences!

Before we purchased Colloidal Silver we looked at what many other pet owners had to say about it. We would love your thoughts and experiences of using it in the comments section below. How do you use it with your dogs and pets?

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