Pet Transport to Jersey

Pet Transport To Jersey

If you are looking for pet transport to Jersey this article should hopefully explain some of your options. PetsA2B has been booked many times by people living on Jersey who need assistance with pet transport, mainly for new puppies or kittens. The image at the top of this article is a Cavapoochon puppy who we helped transport to Jersey. In this article we look at the various options, both during a pandemic and once the country returns to some sort of normal.

Flying to UK Mainland

During the Coronavirus pandemic almost all our pet transport jobs destined for Jersey have involved meeting a pilot at an airport or airfield on the south coast of the UK mainland. Once restrictions on movement are over it’s fair to say that the number of such jobs will reduce. However it might be an option you want to consider, if only for the time it saves over using the ferry.

We have made contacts with a number of pilots and flight companies. Some are individuals who own their own single engine propeller plane. Others are companies who own a small private jet, for which pet transport is a regular part of their business. It’s worth speaking to some of these pilots for a quote as in some cases they only want their time and fuel costs covered as such jobs effectively allow them to build up free flying time. The advantage of a jet over a propeller plane is that it is less likely to have to cancel due to poor weather.

Generally the pilot has asked that we meet them at either Bournemouth airport or Solent Airport. In some cases they allow the customer to come along for the ride which many customers like. You won’t be spending much time on the UK mainland though as they usually take off within 30 minutes of landing!

Pet Transport to Jersey – Ferry Option

In normal times it’s probably safe to say that most people living on Jersey would look at the ferry option first. There are two main problems with the ferry. Firstly if you want to take a car on the ferry, the cost begins to mount up. It might still be the best option if you plan to spend some time on the UK mainland and visit relatives as well as collect your new puppy from the breeder. The other problem with the ferry is the time the crossing takes. The high speed ferry takes 4.5 hours, whilst the conventional ferry takes 10 hours and 20 minutes. This might not be a problem if you are coming to the UK mainland yourself and we are happy to meet you at the ferry port. We do not however offer pet transport all the way to Jersey as it’s not cost effective based on the time the ferry takes plus the additional costs of an overnight stay in Jersey.

So what’s the cheapest option for those looking to get a pet from the UK mainland to Jersey? In our opinion the most economical option is to book us to collect your pet and meet you at either Portsmouth or Poole ferry port. If you book as a foot passenger costs should be kept to a minimum. We believe the cost of taking your vehicle on the ferry and collecting the pet yourself will exceed the cost of using our services.

If you have a Jersey pet transport enquiry please feel free to contact us. We will happily put you in touch with a few pilots should you need a quote from them. To get a quote from us you can email us or use the quote form on our home page. Our mobile number is also on WhatsApp should you prefer to contact us that way.

Pet Transport Jersey Review

To end this article I thought I would highlight a review we had from a previous pet transport job to Jersey.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Iain brought our new puppy to us and he looked after him as if he were his own. Very professional and caring, I highly recommend them.
Diana Troy
Pet Transport Sheffield to Jersey (Via Portsmouth)
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    I’m looking at collecting our new puppy from Halifax area between 29 August and 4 September. Do you have any availability or would you know of any pilots at all? Kind regards Sarah

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    We are looking to bring a dog over from Liverpool the weekend of 17th September to Jersey.

    Do you have any availability and also a cost?

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